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True Freedom Home Care Plans: An Affordable Alternative to Long Term Care Plans

Medicare, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage Plans will cover hospital stays and skilled nursing requirements, but everyday activities like dressing, meal prep, grocery shopping, and house cleaning are not covered. Yet, as we age, 70% of us will need some kind of help with activities of daily living. Long Term Care insurance will cover activities of daily living, however, it is expensive and generally available only to those in exceptional health. A more affordable option is True Freedom's Home Care Service plan. True Freedom Home Care Plans are primarily for seniors whose desire is to stay in their home as they age. Especially for those who did not previously purchase traditional long term care insurance, and can no longer qualify because of health underwriting or financial limitations. 

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True Freedom's senior home care plans give individuals an opportunity to purchase a specific plan that will “bank” access to between 1,500 and 10,000 home care service hours to utilize in the event of future illnesses, injury or challenges when assistance becomes essential. Additionally, the cost decreases 10% every year that you don't use the plan up to 4 years when your rate would be 40% less than when you started! Below is an example of a Bronze membership rate table over 5 years.


True Freedom Home Care Plans are not insurance plans, they are service contracts for home care.  There is no medical underwriting, no claim forms, no deductible, and no age limits!   To learn more, watch the short 2-minute video below.

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